Better Workplace

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The ‘Better Workplace’ campaign by NTUC U Women and Family aims to recognise and showcase progressive employers who have shown commitment to create better workplaces by providing:

  • Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Work-Life Harmony Practices
  • Managing Workplace Harassment Policy​​

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How To Get Started​

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​​ ​​

Adopt the Tripartite Standard on Work-Life Harmony
STEP 2​​
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Implement a Managing Workplace Harassment Policy
Adapt the sample Policy on Managing Workplace Harassment provided by NTUC U Women and Family and communicate the policy to all employees through multiple platforms, such as HR handbooks, notices or posters, and employee briefings.


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Here are some progressive employers who have embarked on the Better Workplace campaign by providing flexible work arrangements, work-life harmony practices, and implemented a managing workplace harassment HR policy!​

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List of progressive companies who qualified for the campaign:

  • Asia PR Werkz Pte Ltd
  • Ban Choon Marketing Pte Ltd​
  • DTC World Corporation Pte Ltd
  • D-Team Engineering Pte Ltd​​​
  • Eligo Pte Ltd
  • Empire Logistics Pte Ltd
  • Grenadier Press Pte Ltd
  • Hebeloft Pte Ltd
  • Manna Pot Catering Pte Ltd
  • Oriental Remedies Group
  • Swift Health Food (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  • Warren Golf & Country Club
  • Re Sustainability Cleantech Pte Ltd
  • Re Sustainability Solutions Pte Ltd
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • Pizza ​Hut Singapore Pte Ltd​

Find out how your company can be part of the campaign, please email us at